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Herbal Capsules

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  1. Moringa Capsule

    1.Helps lower and stabilize blood glucose levels,2.Helpful to diabetes 3. Immunity power booster
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  2. piles care capsule

    1.Helpful for Bleeding Piles 2.Fissures, Painful Piles 3.Fistula and piles related constipation
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  3. Spirulina Capsule

    1.Purifies your Blood 2.Sourse of All Essential Amino Acid 3.Increase Metabolism 4.Lowers Bad Cholestrol
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  4. Arjun capsule

    1.Help in diabetes 2.Arthritis 3.Heart problem 4.Respiratory infections
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  5. Green Coffee Capsule

    1. Green Coffee Extract capsule assists in weight loss by boosting metabolism and burning calories.2. This capsule for weight loss helps to reducing food craving.3. Green coffee extract weight loss capsule with its antioxidants has anti-aging properties and promotes overall wellness.
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  6. Triphla Capsule

    1.Treats piles 2.Effective against constipation 3.Treats limping, abdominal lump and gout
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  7. Shilajit Capsule

    1. Reduce levels of stress and anxiety.2. Muscle weakness or limp feeling.3.Anti- Aging Properties
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  8. Giloy Capsule

    1. Help to improve appetite and stomachic 2.Helps treat urinary tract infection
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  9. Karela Capsule

    1.Controls blood sugar level 2.Improves function of the pancreas 3.Helps in healthy digestion
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  10. Shatavari Capsule

    1.Improved female hormone levels 2.Healthy reproductive system 3.Improved body immunity and stress relief
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  11. Brahmi Capsule

    1.Strengthen memory and intellect 2.Support focus and concentration 3.Healthy blood cells
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  12. Tulsi Capsule

    1.Treatment of respiratory system disorder,2.Resolve a host of health and lifestyle related issues
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  13. kidney Care Capsule

    1. Urinarry function 2 .Kidney function
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  14. Fat Loss Capsule

    1.Boost metabolism and enhance fat burning in the short term 2. Help you put on muscle mass and lose fat 3.Helping with weight loss to improving overall health
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  15. Garcinia Capsule

    1.Normalizes the process of metabolism 2.Act as a good appetite suppressant
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  16. Garlic Capsule

    1.Supports Cardiovascular Health.2.Promotes healthy immune system function.3.Helps reducing cholesterol.
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  17. Ginger Capsule

    1.Morning sickness 2.Colic, upset stomach 3.Gas, diarrhea
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  18. Noni Capsule

    1.Strengthens the immune system by helping white blood cells fight antibodies.
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  19. Aloe vera Capsule

    1.Anti-Oxidant 2.Anti-inflammatory 3.Indigestion 4.Fat reducer and skin problem
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  20. Ashwagandha Capsule

    1.Reduce Blood Sugar Levels 2.Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety 3.Effective in insomnia.4.Used for the treatment of Parkinsons disease. 5.Excellent uterine tonic to enhance female libido.6.Known to improve the female reproductive system.
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  21. Wheatgrass

    1.Boosts immunity 2.Increases energy and concentration 3.Soothes the digestion system
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