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  1. L Carnitine Capsule

    1.L-carnitine is a nutrient and dietary supplement. 2.L-carnitine may benefit brain function. 3.Some studies demonstrate a potential for reducing blood pressure and the inflammatory process associated with heart disease.
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  2. Coenzyme q 10 Capsule

    1.It helps provide energy to cells. 2.Coenzyme Q10 also seems to have antioxidant activity. People with certain diseases such as heart failure high blood pressure Gum disease Parkinsons disease blood infections certain diseases of the muscles and HIV infection.
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  3. Flax Seed Oil Softgel Capsule

    1.Dietary supplement 2.Flaxseed helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level and aids in regulating high blood pressure. 3.Each soft gelatin capsule contains Flax seed Oil (Linseed Oil) 500 mg.
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  4. Fish Oil Softgel Capsule

    1.Omega 3 fatty acids are good fats that have heart-healthy effects. 2.It is also a rich source of Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant
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